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France-Irak Actualité : actualités du Golfe à l'Atlantique

France-Irak Actualité : actualités du Golfe à l'Atlantique

Analyses, informations et revue de presse sur la situation en Irak et du Golfe à l'Atlantique. Traduction d'articles parus dans la presse arabe ou anglo-saxonne.

Libérez Tarek Aziz et ses compagnons

Publié par Gilles Munier sur 29 Octobre 2010, 08:39am

Catégories : #Irak

En mars 2005, le parlementaire britannique George Galloway avait lancé un appel international pour la libération de Tarek Aziz.

L’Association des Amitiés franco-irakiennes (AFI) l’avait soutenu en réunissant les signatures de personnalités françaises.

Rappel de la liste des premiers signataires, plus que jamais d’actualité, parue dans AFI-Flash n°44 d’avril 2005.

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Tarek Aziz, l’homme qui en sait trop (Afrique Asie - juin 08)




(Premiers signataires -  18 mars 2005)

1. Ahmed Bin Bella: Former President of Algeria, Algeria
2. Jean – Pierre Chevènement:
Mayor of Belfort & Former French Minister of Interior, France
3. The Rt. Hon Tony Benn: Former British Cabinet Minister, UK
4. George Galloway: Member of Parliament (RESPECT; the Unity Coalition), UK
5. Mahmood Al-Maghribi: Former Prime Minister of Libya, UK
6. Ahmad Obeidat: Former Prime Minister of Jordan and Lawyer, Jordan
7. Mohsin Alaini:
Former Prime Minister of Yemen, Yemen
8. Kerry Pollard: Member of Parliament (Labour), UK
9. Bob Wareing: Member of Parliament (Labour), UK
10. Lord Nazir Ahmed: Labour Member of the House of Lords, UK
11. Lord Rea:
Labour Member of the House of Lords, UK
12. Abdel Barri Atwan: Chief Editor of Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper, UK
13. Maan Bashour:
Head of the Arab National Institute, Lebanon
14. Mr Hamdeen Sabbahi
: Member of Parliament, Egypt
15. Hans von Sponeck: Former UN Humanitarian Coordinator of the Oil For Food Programme in Iraq from 1998 to 2000
16. Didier Julia: French Member of Parliament &Vice - President of the French – Iraqi Parliamentary Friendship Group, France
17. Lieth Shbelat:
Former President of the Professional Union Association, Former Member of Parliament, Former President of Engineers Association and former Chairman of the Anti Corruption Parliamentary Committee, Jordan
18. Paul- Marie Couteaux: French Member of the European Parliament, Brussels
19. Dia El Dine Dawood: General Secretary Arab Nasserist Democratic Party, Egypt
20. Pierre Biarnès:
Senator of French People Abroad, France
21. Michel Debray: Vice- Admiral in Second Section, Town Councillor in Senlis, Former Chair of the Charles de Gaulle Institute, France
Hani Al Khasawneh: Former Minister, Jordan
23. Dr Ali Bin Mohammed: Former Minister, Algeria
Maestro Angeles: Former Member of Parliament &Physician Specialist in Public health, Spain
25. Issam Naaman: Former Member of Parliament & Minister of Telecommunications, Lebanon
26. Jean- Claude Fortuit: Former Member of Parliament, France
27. Mansour Murad: Former Member of Parliament, Jordan
28. Dr. Ashraf El Bayoumi: Former Head of the Observation Team of the UN-WFP Oil for Food Programme in Iraq and Vice President of Alexandria Association of Human Rights Advocates, Egypt
29. Mohammed Bileid
: Former Ambassador and Member of the Executive Committee of the Arab National Conference, Algeria
30. Dr. Sa’doon Al Zubaydi
: Former Ambassador & English Literature Professor at Baghdad University, Iraq
31. Jihad G. Karam: Former Ambassador & Member of the Human Rights Committee of Lawyers “Barreau de Bayrouth”, Lebanon
32. Jose Luis Galan Martin: Lawyer, Spain
33. Isabelle Coutant-Peyre: Barrister, France
34. Ahmed Najdawi: Lawyer, Jordan
35. General Pierre Gallois:
36. Maria Abia:
Lawyer, Spain
37. Amal Mahmood:
Lawyer and Activist, Egypt
38. Father Antonie Daw: General Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for the Islamic – Christian dialogue, Lebanon
39. Father Jean-Marie Benjamin: Coordinator of the Defence Council of Lawyers, France
40. Raymond Coumont:
Chairman of Christian employee Union of Belgium [CNE], Belgium
41. Michel Grimard: President of the Christian Movement, France
42. Michel Lelong: Priest, France
43. Elias Khouri: Representative of Union of Arab Jurists to the United Nations, Switzerland
44. Sabah Al Mukhtar: President of the Arab Lawyers Association, UK
45. Elias Firzli:
Local Consultant, politician and political writer, France
46. Dr Naser Al Saba
: Legal Consultant, France
47. Alain Corvez (Colonel - er): International Strategy Advisor, France
48. Xaviere Jardez: Lawyer, France
49. Dr Adan Abdullah:
Member of Medical Doctors Union , Jordan
50. Mohammed Abadneh:
Member of Pharmacists Union, Jordan
51. Danielle Jauveau:
President of the Humanitarian Association, France
52. Dr. Mohammed Al-Obaidi:
Spokesman for the Iraqi People’s Struggle Movement, UK
53. Marie Lussan: President of France-Iraq Brotherhood Association, France
54. Dirk Adriaensens:
President of Save Our Souls -Iraq [SOS Iraq], Belgium
55. Maher Makhloof:
Member of the Executive Committee of the Nasserist Party and Member of the Cairo Conference, Egypt
56. Jeanne de Chantal Van de Cruys: Chairman of the European Committee for Peace and Solidarity with the Iraqi People [ECSI], Belgium
57. Dr Yaqoub Keswani: Chariman of Hamah Party and Chairman of Third World Economists Society, Jordan
58. Gilles Munier:
Secretary General of the French Iraqi Friendship Organisation, France
59. Fawaz Zureikat: Chairman of Mariam Appeal, Jordan
60. Basem Qaqish: Member of the Campaign Against the Occupation and the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI), Spain
61. Jean-Pierre Lussan
: Former Regional Advisor-France/Iraq Brotherhood Association, France
62. Khalid Omar: Member of the Executive Committee of Arab Youth Club and Journalist, Egypt
63. Carlos Varea: Campaign Coordinator of the Campaign Against the Occupation and the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI), Spain
64. Loles Olivan
: Member of the Campaign Against the Occupation and the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI), Spain
65. Khaled Bensmain: General Secretary of the Movement for the Democracy of Algeria [MDA], Algeria
66. The Central Committee of Communist Party of Slovakia, Slovakia
67. Antonio Loche:
President of the Italian Institute for Asia, Italy
68. Dr Mohammed Said Edries: Deputy Manager of Al Ahram Centre for Political &Strategic Studies &Chief Editor of Iran Digest
69. Elsebaly Hamid: President of Babylon Group &Coordinator of the Cooperation Belo Iraqi Committee, Belgium
70. Nassr Shamaly: Member of the Arab National Congress and political writer, Syria
71. Sobhi Toma: President of the Anti War Committee, France
73. Yves Buannic:
Founder and Honorary President of “Enfants du Monde Droits de L’Homme”, France
74. Tayseer Humsi:
Chairman of the Jordanian Arabic Communist Baath Party, Jordan
75. Mohammed Zayan: Member of the Executive Committee of the Arab National Conference, UK
76. Bakir Ibrahim: Former Member of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party & Political writer, Sweden

77. Awni Khrais: Member of the National Palestinian Committee of Jordan, Jordan
78. Jaime Ballesteros:
Chair of the Organisation of Solidarity with Asian, African &South American People –OSPAAL, Spain
79. Jamie Ballesteros: President of OSPAAL (Organisation of Solidarity with the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America, SPAIN
80. Pierre Bercis: President of “Nouveaux Droits de L’Homme”, France
81. Dr Yousif Makki:
Writer and Chief Editor of “Arab Renewal” website, Saudi Arabia
82. Roser Giros Tomas: Member of the Platform for Liberation &Sovereignty of Iraq [PASI], Spain.
83. Dr Fouad Elhage: Chairman of the Australian Iraqi Friendship Association and Editor in Chief of Al Moharer, Australia
84. Izabella Kiraly: President of the Party for Hungarian Interests, Hungary
85. Akram Humsi: Secretary General of Jajeera Club, Jordan
86. Pedro Ortiz Sanchez: Member of the Catalan Association of Squads to Nicaragua [ACBN], Spain
87. Hisham Najdawi: Chairman of the Iraq Universities and Institutes of Graduates Club of Jordan, Jordan
88. Paul Balta: Writer and Honorary Director of the Centre for Contemporary Oriental Studies, France
89. Dr Ali Mahafzah
: Professor at the University of Jordan and former President of Mut’ah &Yarmouk Universities, Jordan
90. Sayed Nassar:
Journalist and Researcher on Middle Eastern issues, Egypt
91. Dr. Mezri Haddad:
Professor of Political Sciences, France
92. Edmond Jouve: Professor at René Descartes University, France
93. Claude Gaucherand:
(Contre –admiral en 2ème section), France
94. Mostafa Bakry:
Chief Editor of Elosboa weekly newspaper, Egypt
95. Amaury Couderc:
Lawyer, France
96. Nasreddin Baggar:
Lawyer, France
97. Patrick Brunot
: Lawyer, France
98. Maurice Buttin: Lawyer, France
99. Jean-Pierre Lussan:
Lawyer & Regional Councillor, France
100. Aymeric Chauprade: Academic, France
101. Dr Ahmed El Sawy: Professor at the University of Cairo, Egypt
102. Yves Stalla Bourdillon: Philosopher and Writer, France
103. General Talaat Musalam: Director of Al Shaab newspaper, Egypt
104. Ronald Lafitte: Writer &political analyst, France
105. Mr Hussein Abdel Razak: Academic and Political Writer, Egypt
106. Mrs Siham Najm: General Secretary of Arabic Net for Adult Education, Egypt
107. Marisa Elguero:
Lawyer, Spain
108. Abdel Atheem Munaf
: President and Chief Editor of Al Mawkef Al Araby magazine &Al Sawt Al Araby newspaper, Egypt
109. General Maurice Cannet, France
110. Alice Bséréni:
Writer &political analyst, France
111. Dr Muhammad Musfir:
Professor of Political Science at the University of Qatar, Qatar
112. Pierre Barneoud-Rousset: Retired lecturer, France
113. Nahed Hatar: Editor and Political Analyst of Arab Al Yayoum newspaper, Jordan
114. Jean-Loup-Izambert: Investigative Journalist and Writer, France
115. Ghaleb Fraijat:
Academic, editor and Political analyst, Jordan
116. Dr Severine Balssa-Stittou: Professor of Political Sciences, France
117. Brahim Attalah: Chair of the Algerian Association, France
118. Nelson Chavez: Chairman for the International Relationship of the 8th October Revolutionary Movement, Brazil
119. Szabó Erzsébet:
Vice-President of Hungarian-Iraqi Historical Society, Hungry
120. Prince Armand de Merode: Chair of the Iraqi-Belgium Forum for Trade and Industry - FORBICI, Belgium
121. Niculae Pavelescu:
Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Romanian Worker Party, Romania
122. Elisabeth Schneider: Member of PDS / Landes-und Kreisvorstand, Germany
123. Hadj Toua:
Chairman of “Palestine against US Policies”, USA
124. Graham Long:
Language Teacher, Spain
125. Mrs Farida: Academic and Political writer, Egypt
Georges Labica: Professor Emeritus, France

127. Pierre-Alexandre Orsoni: President of “La Maison d’Orient a Marseille”, France
Jean Picollec: Publisher, France
129. Susana Heikal: Language Teacher, Spain
130. Michel Collon: Journalist and writer, Belgium
131. Paloma Velverdre:
Civil Servant, Spain
132. Barbara Couso Permuy:
Civil Servant, Spain
133. Jean-Pierre Bastid: Film Maker & Novelist, France
134. Marc Boureau d'Argonne: Film Producer, France
Jacques Borde: Journalist, France
136. Alice Bséréni:
Writer, France
137. Pierre-Henri Bunel:
Writer, France
138. Jean-Paul Cruse:
Journalist, France

139. Alain de Benoist: Writer, France
140. Adid Dimitri Boulos:
Writer, France

141. Abdulmagid Darhobi: Journalist, Lybia
142. Zein Houda:
Journalist, France
143. Roland Laffitte :
Writer, France
144. Madeleine Lafue-Véron:
Writer, France

145. Christian Lançon: Journalist, France
146. Patricia Latour: Journalist, France
147. Pierre Lévy:
Director of « Bastille République Nation », France

148. Gaelle Mann: Writer, France
149. Hamida Na'ana:
Writer, France

150. Abdelmajid Elamin Osman: Journalist, France.

151. Pierre Pinta: Writer, France
152. Jallel Saada:
Director of the magazine « Regarder l’Afrique », France

153. Philippe de Saint Robert: Writer, France
154. Charles Saint- Prot: Writer, France
155. Mondher Sfar: Writer, France
156. Mohamed Soualmia:
Poet &Writer, France

157. Jean-Claude Valla: Journalist, France
158. Robert Vial:
Journalist, France
159. Khaleel Torabulsy:
Film Maker, France

160. Giuseppe Zambon: Publisher, Germany
161. Mohamed Zaroualete: Journalist, France.

162. Beatriz Morales: Translator, Spain
163. Safaa Al Sawy:
Activist and Business woman, UK
164. Santiago Martin Fernandez: Administrator, Spain
165. Francois Avon: Former Regional Advisor-France/Iraq Brotherhood Association, France
Alain Basse: Petroleum Engineer, UK
167. Amèle Bahri:
Computer Scientist, France

168. Manuela Barnéoud Rousset: Retired Social worker, France
169. Jean Beaudrillard: Retired Engineer, France
170. Marcel Beaulieu: Engineer, France
171. Henry Bittar
: General Practitioner, France
172. Maurice Cannet - Géo Chéron: General Secretary of the International Committee for
Development and Cooperation – CIDEC, France
173. Sliman Doggui: Neurologist, France
174. Gérard Godfroy: Honorary General Secretary of Rennes’ International Trade Fair, France
175. Samira Messaoudene: Microbiologist, France
176. Narmi Michejda: Biochemist, Poland
177. Eric Prud'homme 

178. Gérard Rouzade: Consultant in the Tourist Industry, France
179. Yannick Sauveur:
School Headmaster, France
Michel Thibault: Librarian, France


Jean-Marie-Le Pen (Président du Front national), Jany Le Pen (Présidente de SOS Enfants d’Irak) et Jean-Michel Dubois (Secrétaire général de SOS Enfants d’Irak) qui n’avaient pas été sollicités, nous ont fait parvenir leur signature après la parution de la liste des premiers signataires.

Réctificatif  (29/11/10): Patricia Latour, journaliste (n°146) ayant appris aujourd’hui que « Jean-Marie Le Pen et ses amis » - qui n’avaient pas été sollicités - avaient également signé  l’Appel pour la libération de Tarek Aziz, lancé en 2005, a demandé à ce que son nom soit retiré la liste.



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<br /> Cette libération de Tarek Aziz que l'amitié franco- irakienne demande aujourd'hui était aussi valable pour Saddam Hussein et tous ses compagnons.Leur pays a été injustement attaqué et ils n'ont pas<br /> eu aussi un procès équitable.Ne voyez pas comme Tarek Aziz est chrétien.<br /> Moi, je demande qu'on le libère.<br /> Merci Gilles Munier.<br /> Par Yacouba Aliou, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques.Bamako(Mali).<br /> <br /> <br />


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