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France-Irak Actualité : actualités du Golfe à l'Atlantique

France-Irak Actualité : actualités du Golfe à l'Atlantique

Analyses, informations et revue de presse sur la situation en Irak et du Golfe à l'Atlantique. Traduction d'articles parus dans la presse arabe ou anglo-saxonne.

Libérez Tarek Aziz et ses compagnons

Publié par Gilles Munier sur 29 Octobre 2010, 08:39am

Catégories : #Irak

En mars 2005, le parlementaire britannique George Galloway avait lancé un appel international pour la libération de Tarek Aziz.

L’Association des Amitiés franco-irakiennes (AFI) l’avait soutenu en réunissant les signatures de personnalités françaises.

Rappel de la liste des premiers signataires, plus que jamais d’actualité, parue dans AFI-Flash n°44 d’avril 2005.

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Tarek Aziz, l’homme qui en sait trop (Afrique Asie - juin 08)




(Premiers signataires -  18 mars 2005)

1. Ahmed Bin Bella: Former President of Algeria, Algeria
2. Jean – Pierre Chevènement:
Mayor of Belfort & Former French Minister of Interior, France
3. The Rt. Hon Tony Benn: Former British Cabinet Minister, UK
4. George Galloway: Member of Parliament (RESPECT; the Unity Coalition), UK
5. Mahmood Al-Maghribi: Former Prime Minister of Libya, UK
6. Ahmad Obeidat: Former Prime Minister of Jordan and Lawyer, Jordan
7. Mohsin Alaini:
Former Prime Minister of Yemen, Yemen
8. Kerry Pollard: Member of Parliament (Labour), UK
9. Bob Wareing: Member of Parliament (Labour), UK
10. Lord Nazir Ahmed: Labour Member of the House of Lords, UK
11. Lord Rea:
Labour Member of the House of Lords, UK
12. Abdel Barri Atwan: Chief Editor of Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper, UK
13. Maan Bashour:
Head of the Arab National Institute, Lebanon
14. Mr Hamdeen Sabbahi
: Member of Parliament, Egypt
15. Hans von Sponeck: Former UN Humanitarian Coordinator of the Oil For Food Programme in Iraq from 1998 to 2000
16. Didier Julia: French Member of Parliament &Vice - President of the French – Iraqi Parliamentary Friendship Group, France
17. Lieth Shbelat:
Former President of the Professional Union Association, Former Member of Parliament, Former President of Engineers Association and former Chairman of the Anti Corruption Parliamentary Committee, Jordan
18. Paul- Marie Couteaux: French Member of the European Parliament, Brussels
19. Dia El Dine Dawood: General Secretary Arab Nasserist Democratic Party, Egypt
20. Pierre Biarnès:
Senator of French People Abroad, France
21. Michel Debray: Vice- Admiral in Second Section, Town Councillor in Senlis, Former Chair of the Charles de Gaulle Institute, France
Hani Al Khasawneh: Former Minister, Jordan
23. Dr Ali Bin Mohammed: Former Minister, Algeria
Maestro Angeles: Former Member of Parliament &Physician Specialist in Public health, Spain
25. Issam Naaman: Former Member of Parliament & Minister of Telecommunications, Lebanon
26. Jean- Claude Fortuit: Former Member of Parliament, France
27. Mansour Murad: Former Member of Parliament, Jordan
28. Dr. Ashraf El Bayoumi: Former Head of the Observation Team of the UN-WFP Oil for Food Programme in Iraq and Vice President of Alexandria Association of Human Rights Advocates, Egypt
29. Mohammed Bileid
: Former Ambassador and Member of the Executive Committee of the Arab National Conference, Algeria
30. Dr. Sa’doon Al Zubaydi
: Former Ambassador & English Literature Professor at Baghdad University, Iraq
31. Jihad G. Karam: Former Ambassador & Member of the Human Rights Committee of Lawyers “Barreau de Bayrouth”, Lebanon
32. Jose Luis Galan Martin: Lawyer, Spain
33. Isabelle Coutant-Peyre: Barrister, France
34. Ahmed Najdawi: Lawyer, Jordan
35. General Pierre Gallois:
36. Maria Abia:
Lawyer, Spain
37. Amal Mahmood:
Lawyer and Activist, Egypt
38. Father Antonie Daw: General Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for the Islamic – Christian dialogue, Lebanon
39. Father Jean-Marie Benjamin: Coordinator of the Defence Council of Lawyers, France
40. Raymond Coumont:
Chairman of Christian employee Union of Belgium [CNE], Belgium
41. Michel Grimard: President of the Christian Movement, France
42. Michel Lelong: Priest, France
43. Elias Khouri: Representative of Union of Arab Jurists to the United Nations, Switzerland
44. Sabah Al Mukhtar: President of the Arab Lawyers Association, UK
45. Elias Firzli:
Local Consultant, politician and political writer, France
46. Dr Naser Al Saba
: Legal Consultant, France
47. Alain Corvez (Colonel - er): International Strategy Advisor, France
48. Xaviere Jardez: Lawyer, France
49. Dr Adan Abdullah:
Member of Medical Doctors Union , Jordan
50. Mohammed Abadneh:
Member of Pharmacists Union, Jordan
51. Danielle Jauveau:
President of the Humanitarian Association, France
52. Dr. Mohammed Al-Obaidi:
Spokesman for the Iraqi People’s Struggle Movement, UK
53. Marie Lussan: President of France-Iraq Brotherhood Association, France
54. Dirk Adriaensens:
President of Save Our Souls -Iraq [SOS Iraq], Belgium
55. Maher Makhloof:
Member of the Executive Committee of the Nasserist Party and Member of the Cairo Conference, Egypt
56. Jeanne de Chantal Van de Cruys: Chairman of the European Committee for Peace and Solidarity with the Iraqi People [ECSI], Belgium
57. Dr Yaqoub Keswani: Chariman of Hamah Party and Chairman of Third World Economists Society, Jordan
58. Gilles Munier:
Secretary General of the French Iraqi Friendship Organisation, France
59. Fawaz Zureikat: Chairman of Mariam Appeal, Jordan
60. Basem Qaqish: Member of the Campaign Against the Occupation and the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI), Spain
61. Jean-Pierre Lussan
: Former Regional Advisor-France/Iraq Brotherhood Association, France
62. Khalid Omar: Member of the Executive Committee of Arab Youth Club and Journalist, Egypt
63. Carlos Varea: Campaign Coordinator of the Campaign Against the Occupation and the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI), Spain
64. Loles Olivan
: Member of the Campaign Against the Occupation and the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI), Spain
65. Khaled Bensmain: General Secretary of the Movement for the Democracy of Algeria [MDA], Algeria
66. The Central Committee of Communist Party of Slovakia, Slovakia
67. Antonio Loche:
President of the Italian Institute for Asia, Italy
68. Dr Mohammed Said Edries: Deputy Manager of Al Ahram Centre for Political &Strategic Studies &Chief Editor of Iran Digest
69. Elsebaly Hamid: President of Babylon Group &Coordinator of the Cooperation Belo Iraqi Committee, Belgium
70. Nassr Shamaly: Member of the Arab National Congress and political writer, Syria
71. Sobhi Toma: President of the Anti War Committee, France
73. Yves Buannic:
Founder and Honorary President of “Enfants du Monde Droits de L’Homme”, France
74. Tayseer Humsi:
Chairman of the Jordanian Arabic Communist Baath Party, Jordan
75. Mohammed Zayan: Member of the Executive Committee of the Arab National Conference, UK
76. Bakir Ibrahim: Former Member of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party & Political writer, Sweden

77. Awni Khrais: Member of the National Palestinian Committee of Jordan, Jordan
78. Jaime Ballesteros:
Chair of the Organisation of Solidarity with Asian, African &South American People –OSPAAL, Spain
79. Jamie Ballesteros: President of OSPAAL (Organisation of Solidarity with the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America, SPAIN
80. Pierre Bercis: President of “Nouveaux Droits de L’Homme”, France
81. Dr Yousif Makki:
Writer and Chief Editor of “Arab Renewal” website, Saudi Arabia
82. Roser Giros Tomas: Member of the Platform for Liberation &Sovereignty of Iraq [PASI], Spain.
83. Dr Fouad Elhage: Chairman of the Australian Iraqi Friendship Association and Editor in Chief of Al Moharer, Australia
84. Izabella Kiraly: President of the Party for Hungarian Interests, Hungary
85. Akram Humsi: Secretary General of Jajeera Club, Jordan
86. Pedro Ortiz Sanchez: Member of the Catalan Association of Squads to Nicaragua [ACBN], Spain
87. Hisham Najdawi: Chairman of the Iraq Universities and Institutes of Graduates Club of Jordan, Jordan
88. Paul Balta: Writer and Honorary Director of the Centre for Contemporary Oriental Studies, France
89. Dr Ali Mahafzah
: Professor at the University of Jordan and former President of Mut’ah &Yarmouk Universities, Jordan
90. Sayed Nassar:
Journalist and Researcher on Middle Eastern issues, Egypt
91. Dr. Mezri Haddad:
Professor of Political Sciences, France
92. Edmond Jouve: Professor at René Descartes University, France
93. Claude Gaucherand:
(Contre –admiral en 2ème section), France
94. Mostafa Bakry:
Chief Editor of Elosboa weekly newspaper, Egypt
95. Amaury Couderc:
Lawyer, France
96. Nasreddin Baggar:
Lawyer, France
97. Patrick Brunot
: Lawyer, France
98. Maurice Buttin: Lawyer, France
99. Jean-Pierre Lussan:
Lawyer & Regional Councillor, France
100. Aymeric Chauprade: Academic, France
101. Dr Ahmed El Sawy: Professor at the University of Cairo, Egypt
102. Yves Stalla Bourdillon: Philosopher and Writer, France
103. General Talaat Musalam: Director of Al Shaab newspaper, Egypt
104. Ronald Lafitte: Writer &political analyst, France
105. Mr Hussein Abdel Razak: Academic and Political Writer, Egypt
106. Mrs Siham Najm: General Secretary of Arabic Net for Adult Education, Egypt
107. Marisa Elguero:
Lawyer, Spain
108. Abdel Atheem Munaf
: President and Chief Editor of Al Mawkef Al Araby magazine &Al Sawt Al Araby newspaper, Egypt
109. General Maurice Cannet, France
110. Alice Bséréni:
Writer &political analyst, France
111. Dr Muhammad Musfir:
Professor of Political Science at the University of Qatar, Qatar
112. Pierre Barneoud-Rousset: Retired lecturer, France
113. Nahed Hatar: Editor and Political Analyst of Arab Al Yayoum newspaper, Jordan
114. Jean-Loup-Izambert: Investigative Journalist and Writer, France
115. Ghaleb Fraijat:
Academic, editor and Political analyst, Jordan
116. Dr Severine Balssa-Stittou: Professor of Political Sciences, France
117. Brahim Attalah: Chair of the Algerian Association, France
118. Nelson Chavez: Chairman for the International Relationship of the 8th October Revolutionary Movement, Brazil
119. Szabó Erzsébet:
Vice-President of Hungarian-Iraqi Historical Society, Hungry
120. Prince Armand de Merode: Chair of the Iraqi-Belgium Forum for Trade and Industry - FORBICI, Belgium
121. Niculae Pavelescu:
Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Romanian Worker Party, Romania
122. Elisabeth Schneider: Member of PDS / Landes-und Kreisvorstand, Germany
123. Hadj Toua:
Chairman of “Palestine against US Policies”, USA
124. Graham Long:
Language Teacher, Spain
125. Mrs Farida: Academic and Political writer, Egypt
Georges Labica: Professor Emeritus, France

127. Pierre-Alexandre Orsoni: President of “La Maison d’Orient a Marseille”, France
Jean Picollec: Publisher, France
129. Susana Heikal: Language Teacher, Spain
130. Michel Collon: Journalist and writer, Belgium
131. Paloma Velverdre:
Civil Servant, Spain
132. Barbara Couso Permuy:
Civil Servant, Spain
133. Jean-Pierre Bastid: Film Maker & Novelist, France
134. Marc Boureau d'Argonne: Film Producer, France
Jacques Borde: Journalist, France
136. Alice Bséréni:
Writer, France
137. Pierre-Henri Bunel:
Writer, France
138. Jean-Paul Cruse:
Journalist, France

139. Alain de Benoist: Writer, France
140. Adid Dimitri Boulos:
Writer, France

141. Abdulmagid Darhobi: Journalist, Lybia
142. Zein Houda:
Journalist, France
143. Roland Laffitte :
Writer, France
144. Madeleine Lafue-Véron:
Writer, France

145. Christian Lançon: Journalist, France
146. Patricia Latour: Journalist, France
147. Pierre Lévy:
Director of « Bastille République Nation », France

148. Gaelle Mann: Writer, France
149. Hamida Na'ana:
Writer, France

150. Abdelmajid Elamin Osman: Journalist, France.

151. Pierre Pinta: Writer, France
152. Jallel Saada:
Director of the magazine « Regarder l’Afrique », France

153. Philippe de Saint Robert: Writer, France
154. Charles Saint- Prot: Writer, France
155. Mondher Sfar: Writer, France
156. Mohamed Soualmia:
Poet &Writer, France

157. Jean-Claude Valla: Journalist, France
158. Robert Vial:
Journalist, France
159. Khaleel Torabulsy:
Film Maker, France

160. Giuseppe Zambon: Publisher, Germany
161. Mohamed Zaroualete: Journalist, France.

162. Beatriz Morales: Translator, Spain
163. Safaa Al Sawy:
Activist and Business woman, UK
164. Santiago Martin Fernandez: Administrator, Spain
165. Francois Avon: Former Regional Advisor-France/Iraq Brotherhood Association, France
Alain Basse: Petroleum Engineer, UK
167. Amèle Bahri:
Computer Scientist, France

168. Manuela Barnéoud Rousset: Retired Social worker, France
169. Jean Beaudrillard: Retired Engineer, France
170. Marcel Beaulieu: Engineer, France
171. Henry Bittar
: General Practitioner, France
172. Maurice Cannet - Géo Chéron: General Secretary of the International Committee for
Development and Cooperation – CIDEC, France
173. Sliman Doggui: Neurologist, France
174. Gérard Godfroy: Honorary General Secretary of Rennes’ International Trade Fair, France
175. Samira Messaoudene: Microbiologist, France
176. Narmi Michejda: Biochemist, Poland
177. Eric Prud'homme 

178. Gérard Rouzade: Consultant in the Tourist Industry, France
179. Yannick Sauveur:
School Headmaster, France
Michel Thibault: Librarian, France


Jean-Marie-Le Pen (Président du Front national), Jany Le Pen (Présidente de SOS Enfants d’Irak) et Jean-Michel Dubois (Secrétaire général de SOS Enfants d’Irak) qui n’avaient pas été sollicités, nous ont fait parvenir leur signature après la parution de la liste des premiers signataires.

Réctificatif  (29/11/10): Patricia Latour, journaliste (n°146) ayant appris aujourd’hui que « Jean-Marie Le Pen et ses amis » - qui n’avaient pas été sollicités - avaient également signé  l’Appel pour la libération de Tarek Aziz, lancé en 2005, a demandé à ce que son nom soit retiré la liste.



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Cette libération de Tarek Aziz que l'amitié franco- irakienne demande aujourd'hui était aussi valable pour Saddam Hussein et tous ses compagnons.Leur pays a été injustement attaqué et ils n'ont pas
eu aussi un procès équitable.Ne voyez pas comme Tarek Aziz est chrétien.
Moi, je demande qu'on le libère.
Merci Gilles Munier.
Par Yacouba Aliou, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques.Bamako(Mali).


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